Okay I know I know he’s been talked about A LOT, BUT I MEAN COME ON THERE’S A REASON WHY.

Number one, ONE DIRECTION. I was the perfect age when 1D came around, and it’s safe to say I was completely obsessed. There may or may not have been love letters drafted IDK LISTEN I NEVER SENT THEM SO THAT HAS TO COUNT FOR SOMETHING LOL. 

Second of all, that HEAD OF HAIR. I MEAN GET OUTTA HERE. That plus the tattoos? And the accent?? Gimme a break.

Third of all, the impact he’s made on the fashion industry. This man is breaking down the stereotypes LEFT AND RIGHT. (If u haven’t seen his most recent Vogue cover PLS DO it’s so good)

So, we’ve established Harry Styles is ya know, a GOD, but what has he done for the music industry? Let’s talk about it. 

In my opinion, this man is makin moves. And this opinion does not come from a place of long-lost love or admiration for him as a human (I mean it kind of does, but you know what I mean). This comes from a place of someone who is essentially a connoisseur of rock music, and I think Harry is making the future.

From a business standpoint, the style of music he’s producing post-One Direction is pure genius. As a self-titled marketing nut, I think it’s just incredibly smart. He’s managed to create a solo music career that not only represents who he is as a human, but also captivates a wide audience. He’s taking rock music and turning it into a pop song that still entices a large, female-based audience, but at the same time, my brother is a fan. 

Other artists have tried to transition to a different genre of music and have lost fans along the way. For example, I was a die-hard Taylor Swift fan, and I’m not really a country girl, I swear. I came in around at the Fearless album and stayed for a while, but after Red, I was out. Honestly. In my opinion, she tried to transition too fast, and lost a few fans from that. To me, I’m still a fan and support her, but the majority of her music these days is not my speed. I’ll pick up a few songs here and there, but it’s nothing like how I used to be.

Taylor Swift will even bring back older songs and play through those during live shows BUT see this is where I get even more turned off. She plays them in their original versions, like in a “this sounds like it’s from the original record” kind of way, and sure, that brings in that nostalgia of “the old Taylor,” but it doesn’t match her current songwriting or music style at all. So, I’m just constantly in limbo with her music of not knowing which genre and audience she’s wanting to appeal to. Harry Styles is saying “I am creating new music, and this is how it is,” and I almost admire him for that.

For example, during the Capital FM 2019 Jingle Ball, he and his band played What Makes You Beautiful. A classic 1D fan favorite. BUT here’s the thing: they played it in his new soft rock/pop hybrid-style of music, and it was so sick. You can tell the audience was a little confused because they keep trying to sing the original, which of course, totally understandable, and I’ll be honest I even wanted to do that, but this rendition matched the rest of his set. It wasn’t like “I create rock/pop music, and now I’m going to do a synth-y, upbeat, bubblegum pop song.” It matched his aesthetic and I love that about his music and his performances.

And it’s possible that maybe we’re in the middle of Harry Styles’ transition phase and eventually he’ll move to just rock music, but I don’t know. For now, I, at least, am perfectly content with this rock/pop hybrid he’s created. He’s using his large platform to show more people this style of music, and I both love and respect the hell out of that.

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