Welcome to Anonymous Boutique's blog!!
I'm so excited to take on this blog-writing journey, so before we get into more of the fun stuff, get to know who's behind all this writing nonsense first :)
So, first of all, my name is Julia, hello hello, I'm the human behind Anonymous Boutique. I'm an Aries, love a glass of wine, and have way too much creative energy. This "about me" blog is going to be more of a "get to know why I want to start blogging," so if you're interested in that, then you're in the right place! If you're looking for more of a "why I started Anonymous Boutique" thing, then check out this link here.
SO, without further ado, let me answer a few questions I think people may have so that we can get into the nitty gritty fun stuff I really want to write about.
Why do you want to start a blog?
  • I like a lot of stuff! I'm interested in a wide variety of things (we'll cover that below), I want to learn more about such things, and I figure why not share my findings with the internet void!
  • I miss writing! I genuinely love writing, and I don't have much reason to do it anymore beyond writing the copy you read on the website, SO this is a pretty good excuse to start writing again imo.
  • I like telling stories! Now, not every blog post I put up is going to be a story from my life, because quite frankly I don't have anything that exciting beyond some real bad first dates, BUT I do enjoy sharing information with people. So some of what you'll read from me will be tutorials, some of it will be outright educational, and some of it just might be some of those bad first date stories (trust me, they're really bad). I'm always open to topics and suggestions, so if you have anything you want me to write about, of course, feel free to shoot me an email, DM me on IG, whatever your heart desires; I'm all ears!
What can I expect from this blog? Like what kind of content?
So as I said above, I like a lot of stuff. So, some of it is gonna be like 100% this-relates-to-the-boutique content, but tbh fashion isn't my truest passion (listen I'll explain why I opened this boutique at some point I promise), so you're going to get a variety of content from me! Some of the things I'm most interested in researching and learning more about are music (specifically classic rock / basically the music your dad listens to), mental health, and astrology! I KNOW I KNOW it's a weird combination, BUT LISTEN I make it all relate to the boutique in some way I swear. Like I have a whole thing about why what we wear influences our mental health thing I wanna dive DEEP into. So that sort of stuff.
How often will you post?
Honestly? I don't really know! Short-term my goal is just one post / week, but honestly I'd like to see the number bump up to 2-3 / week if I can handle it. LISTEN I REALLY LIKE HEARING MYSELF TALK OKAY LMAO.
How can I know if you've posted a new blog post?
Subscribe to my email list! I send out weekly emails about what's getting posted and a link to find it every Wednesday at noon!
Have other questions? Never fear, my friend, just shoot me an email, DM me on IG, or send a carrier pigeon (jk pls don't do that lol), and I will be happy to help!

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